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The Effects of Smoking

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When calling to compare medical scheme quotes they will all ask you the same thing: “Do you smoke?” This is standard for all medical aids because of the effects smoking has on your health. It has a negative effect on almost every organ in your body so not asking would be irresponsible.


What Medical Aid Scheme to Choose Based on Your Age

Medical aid cannot be denied to a person based on their age, gender or pre-existing conditions. The minimum age for medical aid cover or a hospital plan without being a dependant is 18.

To know more on when a medical aid scheme can deny you cover see the article linked below.

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Applying for a Medical Aid Scheme as a Young Adult

medical aid schemes and hospital plansIf you are a young adult who has never had medical aid independence, you need to get a medical aid scheme. You may be lucky enough to receive employee medical aid if you are employed and eligible for this.

Why you should get a Medical Aid Scheme for your Employees

medical aid scheme for employeesThere are multiple benefits to supplying a new medical aid scheme for your employees. The health of employees should be high up on the list of priorities of people in charge of commanding a team. The well-being of the team will have a direct influence on the well-being of your business.


Why Medical Aid is Essential for Mothers-to-be

Medical aid savings; medical savings accountHaving a baby is extremely expensive, so you’ll want your medical savings account nice and substantial so that you are prepared for anything. Your extensive medical aid savings should ensure your pregnancy and early infant care goes as smoothly as possible.


Medical aid insurance in case of unemployment

Affordable medical aid; medical aid quotes; medical insuranceSecuring an affordable medical aid is difficult already; so how do you go about it if you don’t have an income? For whichever reason you are unemployed, there are certain things you should know about medical insurance that may still be available to you.


Sound Advice on Choosing a Wheelchair

wheel chairWho Needs the Wheelchair?

Compare buying a wheelchair to buying a car. A wheelchair, like a car, is enabling. Wheelchairs vary on

  • How they look
  • How they feel
  • How they respond
  • What they enable the user to do
  • How much they cost


Check Our Weekend Health Goals!

preventative health careHow come as soon as we hear the word weekend our entire healthy routine vanishes into thin air? I think the biggest mistake we make after a long working week is treating our weekends as the “letting-go” time of the week.


Your home can be making you sick!

preventative healthcare tests

Dust may cause allergies and bacteria can make you sick, but this dirt and grime is not the only health hazard that may be spreading in your home! Research shows that roof stains, algae, lichens, fungi, moss, and mildew can lead to mould growth that can cause really bad health problems too!

7 habits of an unhealthy student, and how to change it.

Healthy lifestyle choicesDid you also realise, when you first moved out from your parents’ house, how much of your day eating takes up? Think about it, it’s the trip to the store, the meal preparation, and of course, setting time aside to enjoy your meal in a healthy way, i.e. at a table and with other people (if possible), and not in front of the television or computer.