Why you should get a Medical Aid Scheme for your Employees

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) 4/20/17 - 4:03pm

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medical aid scheme for employeesThere are multiple benefits to supplying a new medical aid scheme for your employees. The health of employees should be high up on the list of priorities of people in charge of commanding a team. The well-being of the team will have a direct influence on the well-being of your business.

The Benefits of a Medical Aid Scheme for your Employees:

  • Offering health benefits can improve the productivity and work ethic of your team vastly, because if you take care of them, they will take care of you. This will result in a successful business driven team that wants to reach the top with you.
  • High quality employees are attracted by medical aid benefits. If potential (and more importantly, loyal) employees know that their new 9-5 will be there to help through the tough times, they are more likely to choose your firm for employment.
  • Medical aid scheme prices may run lower if enough people are on it. The group rates will keep your staff healthy and safe, at a lower price. What more could you ask for?
  • Reciprocation and fairness are concepts we all understand. It is part of our society and nature to give back what we get ourselves. Medical aid benefits will push employees to reciprocate the opportunities they are given.
  • The health of an employee or the stress of not having a medical aid could affect their productivity negatively. With less stress and worries comes more success!
  • Some payments made in the name of employee medical aid schemes are tax deductible, so your business will gain overall.
  • By making regular check-ups and emergency services available to your employees you necessitate a long healthy life for them, and a team of valued employees for your business.

Consider a medical aid scheme for you employees, the more people you can help the more people can help you. Take care of each other and your business will reach new heights!